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First-class Compressor Manufacturer with German Technology

  1. German core technology, manufactured in China
  2. Production adopts German technological process, lean production, quality assurance
  3. Exported to all the world and recognized by customers

Advanced Technical , Extreme Energy Saving

  1. German patented rotor profile,highefficiency and reliable quality
  2. IE4 energy-efficient motor
  3. Speed vector control technology, extremely energy-savingrotary screw air compressors

Professional Customization of Air Flow and Pressure

  1. Customize the most suitablerotary screw air compressor for customers
  2. Pressure customization, every 1bar pressure reduction can save 7% energy

Global Service Network

  1. 1.24 hours online service
  2. Provide global after-sales service supportfor the sold rotary screw air compressor, so that customers can usewithout worry
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About Compmax

Shanghai Compmax is an industrial rotary screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier in China.We are devoting to Providing superior energy-saving solutions.

Our Products including oil injected screw compressor (vsd compressor, fix speed compressor, 2 stage compressor) ,

oil free screw compressor, screw blower, oxygen generator, nitrogen generator, air dryer ,air tanks…

Having plenty of engineering experiences and practical techniques, Our engineer team are the expert in rotary screw compressor industry.

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80,000 Sets Rotary Screw Air Compressors Run Perfectly All Over the World

  1. We develop and improve products from time to time, and strive for perfection
  2. Perfect quality, performance and service make more customers choose us

Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs

  1. Reduce operating costs (electricity bills) for customers through efficient energy-saving technologies
  2. Modular design, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost

Intelligent Automated Rotary Screw Air Compressor Manufacturer

  1. Sufficient inventory and fast delivery
  2. Products can be customized according to needs

Industrial Air Compressor Applications in Various Industriesindustrial air compressor for sale in various industries

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