Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers Made in China

Stable dew point

Large capacity design to ensure dew point

Ensure that the alumina has a contact time of 4.8 seconds or more

30% extra absorbent to ensure its longevity

Simple operation and maintenance

All key operating conditions are showed on PLC controller

Easy to replace the absorbent; easy to clean the stainless steel air diffuser

The layout of internal components is easy to maintain

Minimal regeneration air consumption

The design of the diameter of the adsorption tower and the height of the adsorption layer is calculated after repeated demonstrations

Designed to maximize the taken away moisture and minimize air consumption

china desiccant compressed air dryer

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The desiccant compressed air dryer adopts a double tower structure, one tower absorbs the moisture in the air under a certain pressure,

The other tower uses a small portion of dry air slightly higher than atmospheric pressure to regenerate the desiccant in the adsorption tower.

After a certain period of time, the two towers are switched to ensure the continuous supply of dry compressed air.