Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers Made in China

Reliable Operation

Automatic load regulation

High-quality component configuration

Efficient refrigeration control system

Excellent performance

Large design margin

Smooth and excellent dew point performance

Energy efficient

15-50% input power lower

Reduce pipeline leakage and maintenance

Simple maintenance

Low maintenance time

Long maintenance intervals

Hardly need to replace parts

100% test before leaving the factory

compmax air dryer

Compressed Air Dryer Types-

Shell Tube Type Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer


Multi-channel temperature and pressure monitoring, real-time display of dew point temperature, automatic recording of accumulated running time would show on this compressed air refrigerant dryer.

With self-diagnosis function, this screen will display the corresponding alarm code, and automatically protect the equipment.

Premium Quality Guarantee:

Perfect refrigerated system configuration Initial parts such as refrigerant compressor are adopted from first-class brands to ensure work efficiency, reliable running, and working life.

The advanced design of the heat exchanger, adverse current structure, heat exchanging thoroughly and it won’t freeze. Ripple pipeline of both internal and external of the heat exchanger to increase the using rate of cooling air.

The evaporator is made from copper pipelines with aluminum flake, with high efficiency of heat exchanging.