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Designed for Small Workshops and Manufacturers

The MC series small screw compressor is a highly integrated compact compressor system mounted with an air tank together. This small industrial single-stage air compressor is tank size 53 to 66 gallons. It is a variable speed drive air compressor with a permanent motor.

This total air system has the advantages of both rotary screw air compressors and piston compressors. With noise levels ranging around 60 dBA, rotary screw air compressors are quieter and more efficient. Screw compressors can run up to 8 hours every day. It has wheels for easy movement.

Compmax is a leading manufacturer of compressed air systems in China. We understand what the industry wants and needs for rotary screw air compressors. Our compressors have been successfully exported to many countries.

The oil lubricated screw air compressor is manufactured in strict line with EU requirements. It has passed EMC certification and meets the national first-class energy efficiency level. Its energy saving effect come up to 40%.

The new portable rotary screw compressor is designed for light industrial applications, small workshops and manufacturers. It can be used for small shoe factories, tire shops, maintenance shops, vehicle body shops, paint shops, or automotive dealerships….

Eliminate downtime and start production

High-quality and low-priced compressors with all the features you need. Our small screw compressors are perfect for workshops, warehouses, and other industrial settings. Get started with your compressed air today!

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Why choose Compmax Small Rotary Screw Compressors?

Each component is strictly tested and refined,from raw materials to finished components
Each procedure is strictly controlled to ensure durability.

PM motor ,high efficiency and energy saving,30%-100% frequency conversion range can start and stop frequently.

100% Transmission efficiency, low noise, low vibration.

Inverter control, constant pressure air supply, automatic adjustment.

Large volume air storage tank.

With wheels, easy to move. Free installation.

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Quality,Performance and Energy Saving are Guaranteed

single phase screw compressor

Single Phase Rotary Screw Compressor

220V50HZ 1 phase in needed in some working shops . Compressor with cover /without cover/ vertical tank in single phases are available.

Our single phase compressor ranges :

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compmax compressor air element

Screw Air End

  • The Third generation 5:6 tooth, high efficiency, upto 10 years working life.
  • best energy saving.
  • Transmission ratio:1:1
  • Noise level: Low
  • Can continuous and stable running under high temperature
Inverter-compmax compressor china supplier

Inverter-variable speed drive control

  • Control the motor speed based on the demanded air for energy saving.
  • Ultra wide frequency design, wider control range
  • Accurate and fast respond working performance

High-Efficiency Permanent Magnetic Motor

  • Cooling Method: air cooling
  • Rare earth permanent magnet material with the strong anti-demagnetization ability
  • Be able to frequently start and stop
compressor touch screen

The controller

  • Accurately control and fast response speed.
  • Normal information: running time, power supply , RPM, engine working information.
  • Warning information: air filter/oil filter/separator/greese working time, air end/motor/inverter temperature…
  • Service warnings and faults warnings

Small Portable Screw Compressor MC Types



Compressor With Cover


Compressor Without Cover


Compressor With Base without Tank


Compressor With Vertical Tank

Rotary screw compressor vs Reciprocating compressor

Rotary screw compressor vs reciprocating compressor, which is better?

Reciprocating air compressors, which are also called piston air compressors, are widely used in various service industries and small workshops due to their price and availability.

But reciprocating air compressors are not the only selection. Our small rotary screw air compressors provide better performance and require less space with less noise, it also remain the portable feature.which makes the rotary screw compressor an attractive alternate option. The table below shows the differences.

piston vs screw compressor

Small Rotary Screw Air Compressor Specifications

portable screw compressor table list

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