portable rotary screw air compresso

5HP Single Phase Rotary Compressor

Screw+VSD+PM motor +Touch Screen+ Wheels

5hp single phase rotary compressor mounted on a tank, Variable speed drive with touch screen, It is convenient and simple to use.

Compmax 5HP single phase rotary compressor featuring stable output and energy saving. This model is the most popular of all rotary compressors on the market due to its value and reliability. The 5HP screw compressor has a robust design which allows it to sustain heavy loads without failure. The air end is made from an aluminum alloy with Germany technology which makes it lightweight yet high efficiency. The bearing is also made from superior materials, allowing it to last longer than other models.

This 5HP screw air compressor also has a large cooling fan that keeps the motor cool under high workloads. It has a metal frame which ensures durability and increased efficiency.

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