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What is a two stage compressor?

How does a two stage compressor work?

Two stage air compressor is to combine the first-stage compression rotor and the second-stage compression rotor in a casing and directly drive them through helical gears. Natural air enters the first stage of compression through the air filter, where it is mixed with a small amount of lubricating oil in the compression chamber, and the mixed air is compressed at the same time. The compressed air enters the cooling channel and comes into contact with a large amount of oil mist, thereby greatly reducing the temperature. The cooled compressed air enters the second-stage rotor, undergoes secondary compression, and is compressed to the final exhaust pressure.

Two Stage air compressor is the isothermal compression.According to the theory of engineering thermodynamics, the isothermal compression is the most energy-saving for during the compression process. (When the temperature is high, the density of the air is lower, the more work is needed for compression). Not only that, isothermal compression can not only reduce the work consumed, but also reduce the temperature of the compressed air.

Why Choose Our Compmax Two Stage VSD Compressor?

More reasonable pressure distribution

Reduce the compression ratio between stages, reduce internal leakage and improve volumetric efficiency

Reduce bearing load, increase bearing life, and extend the life of the air end

Optimized design of the whole series of systems, intelligent matching of two-stage intake pressure

Adopt unique innovative technologies for cooling, oil and gas separation, etc.

Low noise, low vibration, high reliability

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Why a Two Stage compressor is an Energy Saving Compressor?

Let’s Do a Math about the Energy Saving

Suppose a 75kw normal air compressor running for 10 years.

  • Purchase cost:USD9,000
  • 10 year maintenance cost: USD900*2*10=USD18,000
  • 10 year electricity cost:75*8000*10*USD0.1=USD600,000
  • 10 year total cost: 9,000+18,000+600,000=627,000
  • Purchase expense covers 1.4% of the total cost.
  • Maintenance Fee covers 3.2% of the total cost.
  • Electricity Bill Cost covers 95.4% of total cost.

Two Types of Double Stage VSD Compressor

Two Stage Air-Cooled Motor VSD Compressor


Horizontal Two Stage Oil-Cooled Motor VSD Compressor

Perfect Your Solution With COMPMAX Two Stage Compressors

PM Permanent Magnet motor-compmax compressor china

High-efficiency PM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

  1. Reasonable structure, high power density vsd compressor.
  2. The motor power factor is higher, the inertia ratio is larger, the rotor current is lower, no excitation loss, the efficiency is increased by 5%-12%, and it reaches the IE4 energy efficiency in air compressor.
  3. Rare earth permanent magnet material with ultra-high intrinsic coercivity, strong anti-demagnetization ability;
  4. Constant torque output within the rated speed range;
  5. Special asymmetrical magnetic circuit design makes low-speed torque ripple smaller
  6. High balance accuracy, stable high-speed operation, low noise and low vibration;
  7. Be able to frequently start and stop


5% Energy Saving

Inverter-compmax compressor china supplier

High-Performance Vector Inverter

  1. Built-in PID control algorithm
  2. Automatic adjustment of output voltage
  3. Accurate vector control, high precision of speed stabilization, and wide range of speed regulation
  4. Low speed and high torque, improve the equipment’s low speed control performance
  5. Strong overload capacity
  6. Equipment industrial design, stable operation, reliable heat dissipation design, improve system safety
air compressorcooler-compmax china

Enlarged Cooling System in VSD Compressor

  1. Optimize the design of the cooling system, increase the design of the cooler, enlarge the cooling area, and avoid the high-temperature shutdown of the unit in the tropics
  2. Optimized design of fan components, uniform heat dissipation, large air volume, and low noise.
transmission systerm-compmax china compressor factory

Transmission System

  1. The permanent magnet motor is coaxially designed with the air end, the structure is more compact, and the transmission efficiency is 100%.
  2. The transmissionsystem is maintenance-free
air oil separator-compmax compressor china factory

Enlarged Air Oil Separator System

  1. Enlarge the design of oilreceiverand air oil separator , with good filter efficiency. The oil content is less than 2ppm.

2, Good heat dissipation effect, small pressure loss, more energy saving in air compressor

control systerm-compmax compressor china supplier

Intelligent Control System

  1. Equipped with large-screen LCD and touch display, daily functions and operating parameters can be displayed and adjusted conveniently.
  2. Real-time monitoring of operating pressure, current, voltage, temperature and other key parameters, and provide operation protection
  3. The interface is friendly. When the compressor needs maintenance or malfunctions, the screen will automatically display detailed information.

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Horizontal Version Two Stage

Up and Down Version Two Stage


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