Rotary Screw Air Compressor With Dryer

Quilt Rotary Screw Air Compressor With Dryer & Tank

for Laser Cutting Machine

Screw Air Compressor with Dryer Package

This integrated compressor is all in one series compressed air systerm. it integrates everything you need for an air system. it consists of a variable speed screw air compressor (vsd), a refrigerated air dryer, an air receiver tank, Precise Filters, Auto Drains, and Pipes into one assembly.

We have a normal pressure type and 16 bar integrated compressor for laser cutting machine.

screw air compressor with dryer package-compax

Desiccant Air dryer especially designed for laser cutter air compressor, the pressure dew point is as low as -20℃ and more

Five level high-efficiency precision filter to obtain pure compressed air without oil and water mist

Stainless steel pipelines are used for treatment to avoid secondary pollution

The main oil pipe is connected by a flexible pipeline, which effectively reduces vibration and noise, and runs Noise<70db

Permanent magnet frequency conversion can better control the oil temperature and avoid milk centralized , keep the customer’s site clean

High Standard Compressed Air is Required for Laser Cutter Machine

compressor for laser cutting machine

Why compressed air without water mist /oil is so important for a laser cutting machine?

Why we should choose a good quality air compressor for laser cnc cutter industry?

The quality of compressed air has a very direct impact on the quality of laser cutting. The compressed air contains water mist and oil.

If it is not cleaned, high pressure is sprayed on the protective mirror surface of the laser cutter head, which will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam, disperse the focus, cause the finished product to be cut through, and produce waste.

More worse, If it is an ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machine, as long as a little oil film or water mist is adhered to the surface of the protective mirror or nozzle, it may also cause the high-energy laser emission to burn out the laser head.

Why Choose Deciccant Dryer for Laser cutting Machine?

Two mainstream dryers for Laser cutter Machines: Refrigerated and adsorption dryer

Under the consideration of ensuring equipment stability and cutting quality, it is generally recommended to use an adsorption dryer. Stable and reliable performance and small size are ideal for precision work. It can completely solve the problem of compressed air moisture, reduce production costs and improve processing technology.

Our screw compressor with dryer package is assembled with adsorption dryer for better consideration of laser cutting machine.

The following table is the differences of refrigerated and adsorption dryer. It explains in detail why we choose an adsorption dryer for our screw compressor with dryer package.

No. Refrigerated Air Dryer Deciccant Dryer
1 Water Remover Level If the temperature is too low, it will freeze, so its dew point temperature is usually 2 ~ 10 ℃. the water removal effect is very normal. Because the desiccant dryer does not need to pass temperature changes, and the desiccant (alumina) can perform deep drying, the dew point temperature at the outlet can usually reach -20 °C or less
2 Energy Loss The electrical power supply will be high because the cooling purpose can be achieved only by compressing the refrigerant. The desiccant dryer only needs to control the valve through the electric control box, so the electric power is usually only about tens of watts, there will be no power loss.
3 Air Loss Because the refrigerated compressed dryer achieves the purpose of removing water by changing the temperature, and the water is discharged through the automatic drain, there is no loss of air volume The desiccant dryer needs to be regenerated after the desiccant is saturated with water, regeneration gas loss of about 12-15%.
4 Failure Rate The air system of the refrigerated dryer is relatively complex, more complex. the failure and maintenance could be more. The desiccant dryer only the frequent action of the valve, the failure rate is usually lower than that of the refrigerated dryer.
5 Temperature Requirement for the dew point Air-cooled refrigerating machine has requirements on the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is high in summer, the reliability of the dew point is not guaranteed. Desiccant dryer has no requirement of the ambient temperature. the dew point is stable.
6 Protect the activated carbon filter The humid compressed air will shorten the life of the activated carbon The activated carbon degreasing and deodorizing filters in the compressed air system require the dryness of the compressed air to reach a pressure dew point of -40°C, good protection for activated carbon filter.
7 System load Effect When the system load is lower than 30%, the efficiency of the air-water separator of the refrigerated dryer is very low, causing the condensed droplets to reach the downstream system with the air, causing the downstream dew point alarm, especially when the air volume is greatly reduced at night. not effected by the system load.

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laser cutting machines air compressor

The advantages of Intergrated screw air compressor with dryer

More space saving: small size and small space occupation.

Reduce maintenance costs: save money,time and efforts

Save installation costs: no need to install, just connect to the electricity.real Plug and play version

Intergrated air compressor and dryer package is a good choice

Large occupation of space: an air compressor station needs to be built for operation.

Many maintenance needed and pipeline leaks: long pipelines, large pressure loss, and high energy consumption.

Large installation cost : It is also necessary to prepare a variety of power supplies.

air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine

Specialized Design for Laser Cutting Air Compressor

Perfect Your Solution With COMPMAX Integrated Air Compressor For Laser Cutting Machine

More about Combined Compressor Package and Laser Cutter Machines

How Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Works?

Laser cutting is to focus the laser emitted from the laser cutter machine into a laser beam with high power density through the optical path system. When the laser cutter machine works, it needs a gas source as a power source, and it is a pressure gas source. The pressure generally needs 16 Bar. The laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the high-pressure gas will blows away molten or vaporized metal.

Our screw compressor with dryer package provides power source for laser cutter machine

What are the Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machine?

Choose CNC laser cutting machine has several advantages.

  1. The cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and there is no burr;
  2. The cutting is narrow, the deformation is small, and the material of the cutting surface is not hardened;
  3. High machining accuracy and good repeatability;
  4. The CNC programming is simple, the processing range is wide, no mold opening is required, and it is economical and time-saving

What We should Consider When Selecting an Air Compressor?

When selecting an air compressor for laser cutting, we should pay attention to the pressure and flow rate.

The pressure and flow rate of each manufacturer are different. We should choose according to the model size of the cutting machine and the thickness of the cutting plate. Because the thickness of the cutting object has a great relationship with the choice of gas pressure, when the gas pressure is too small, it is easy to hang slag when cutting the plate, and the gas pressure is too large, and the stability of the plate and equipment is difficult to guarantee.

More Info

Product List
Model Motor Power Working Pressure Capacity FAD Pipe Diameter Weight Machine Dimension
(KW) (MPa) (m3/min) (Kgs) (mm)
AM-10GV 7.5 10 1.55 225 0.6
AM-15GV 11 15 1.6 232 0.9 31.7 1″ 830 1700*650*1700
AM-20GV 15 20 1.6 232 1.25 44 1″ 850 1700*650*1700
AM-30GV 22 30 1.6 232 1.83 65
Design Intension


Choose a good laser air-assist compressor is very important. The quality of compressed air has a very direct impact on the quality of laser cutting. The laser air-assist compressor compressed air contains water mist and oil. If it is not cleaned, the high-pressure jet will be sprayed on the protective mirror of the laser cutting head, which will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam, disperse the focus, make the product impervious and produce waste products, it may also cause high-energy laser emission to burn the laser head. Amx laser air-assist compressor can produce high-quality compressor air, which is your best choice for your


The vedio show what our combind compressor with air dryer and tank is


Air Compressor Applied in Laser Cutting Machine Industry compressor for laser cutting machine-compmax

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