portable rotary screw air compresso

7.5HP Single Phase Screw Compressor

Screw+VSD+PM motor +Touch Screen+ Wheels

We have a 7.5hp single phase screw compressor with a mobile tank if you need the small screw type air compressor for small workshops. lt is convenient and simple to use.

COMPMAX 7.5 HP rotary screw air compressor includes a PLC for
simple and intuitive scheduling and control.We’re confident that this air compressor will fulfill your compressed air needs for years to come,

COMPMAX 7.5 HP Variable Speed Air Compressors reduce energy expenses and provide a quick return on investmentvsd compressor with an air dryer is also available for this combined compressor pack.
Please choose an air compressor that is compatible with your electrical utility’s incoming AC power service(voltage/phase).

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